Best Cable Machines for Your Home Gym (2023 Guide)

Setting up a gym area at home is easy to say, but choosing the best equipment for it can be daunting. 

One mainstay in your gym should be the multi-use cable machine, which gives you access to a wide range of strength training exercises.

However, there’s a wide variety of cable machines that you can choose from; it can be hard to tell what to pick.

Wondering what the best cable machine for home gym is? Read on to learn more about the contenders!

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What Is the Best Cable Machine for Home Gym?

In choosing the best home gym cable machine, there are several factors that you need to consider.

First, consider your fitness level. It would be best if you had a machine that offers the proper functionality for your fitness needs. 

Second, consider your gym space. A good cable machine can be bulky, so think about what you can fit in your home and choose the appropriate equipment.

Lastly, consider the price. The price range of cable machines can be extensive. Consider if you want a budget-friendly option or a full-blown high-price-tag investment for a quality cable machine.

  1. REP Fitness FT-5000


If you want a versatile, heavy-duty, commercial-grade cable machine right in your own home, the best candidate to get is REP Fitness’ FT-000.

This cable crossover machine has 16 cable positions and dual-weight stacks, each capping at 220 pounds. It also has a 2:1 resistance ratio.

Coming with parts made with high-grade materials and pro-level attachments, this cable machine is an excellent addition to your gym setup at home. 

Top Features

  • Enjoy commercial cable machine features. This cable crossover machine features an 11-gauge steel frame that can act as a pull-up bar, complete with rubber-coated grips. 

  • Assures weight accuracy. This cable machine features two weight stacks, each reaching 220 pounds, totaling 440 pounds of weight capacity. 

  • Enjoy security and versatility. It has a weight selector pin with a magnetic tip, letting you securely adjust the machine.

  • Gain easy storage. You can easily store this cable machine as it has several storage pegs at the center attachment. 

  • You can also try out 12 sample exercises that come with this cable machine package. 


The REP Fitness FT-5000 has a price tag worth $2,499.99, which is the upper mid-range price point compared to other cable crossover machines.

While this may still be pricey for some, it’s one of the best-performing cable machines that you can buy for your own home.

Bottom Line

Likely the best cable crossover machine around, the REP Fitness FT-5000 is one you should consider if you’re looking for heavy-duty, high-performance machines.

With its wide array of amazing features, this cable crossover machine is an excellent addition to any home gym.

  1. Tonal Wall Mounted Cable Machine


Smart Home integration is slowly becoming more popular, and Tonal’s cable machine is the go-to for many looking for high-tech gym equipment.

Tonal is a wall-mounted cable machine that is compact, but the manufacturer recommends having ample room to use it to its full potential.

Top Features

  • Find convenience in Smart technology. This machine is Smart-capable, bringing you versatility and ease of use. You get access to many features at a tap of the screen.

  • Get the most out of your workouts. The Tonal smart cable machine can automatically set your starting weights through accurate strength assessments.

  • Enjoy pre-programmed training modes. You can access pre-programmed modes and hundreds of cable exercises, ensuring every session is productive and safe.

  • Enjoy adaptive features. This cable machine boasts adaptive features to ensure that your training session is tailor-fit to your needs.

  • It’s compact and perfect for a limited space.


Given its Smart Technology integrations and by having a mandatory one-year subscription, it’s no secret that Tonal’s cable machine is at a higher price point.

The Tonal cable machine has a base price of $3,995 and is the best premium cable machine on our list.

Bottom Line

For those looking for high-tech, convenient solutions to their gym setup at home, Tonal is the best smart cable machine around.

  1. NordicTrack Fusion CST


The NordicTrack Fusion CST is one to look out for if you’re looking for the best cable machine for your home gym to help you with strength and cardio exercises. 

It features a 10-inch tablet where you can stream a multitude of workouts, six cable stations, and two ankle straps. It also boasts up to 100 pounds of total resistance.

Top Features 

  • Enjoy a versatile machine. This lets you do both strength training and cardio exercises to your utmost potential. It helps you build your stamina while strengthening your muscles. 

  • Learn workouts through LIVE interactive training. The machine features a 10-inch HD tablet where you can stream lessons from iFit coaches.

  • Try out different workouts. This home cable machine comes with a myriad of workouts that you can do. Thanks to its versatility, you can access a wide variety of them.

  • Maximize your workout with 20 power levels. 

  • Enjoy personalized training as iFit trainers can track your progress in real-time. 


This NordicTrack unit sells starting at $2,597, a mid-range price tag compared to other similar cable machines. However, you get to own a versatile item that supports your fitness journey.

Bottom Line

This unit is considered the favorite cable machine for those looking for modern solutions and variety.

  1. Bowflex Xceed Home Gym


The Bowflex Xceed Home Gym proves that cable machines don’t need to take up too much space to be powerful and effective.

This compact machine gives you access to up to 210 pounds of resistance, which can be upgradable to reach up to 310 or even 410 pounds. 

Top Features

  • Try out gym-quality workouts. This premium cable machine lets you try out over 65 powerful workouts right in the comfort of your own home.

  • Work out with upgradable resistance. Right off the bat, you can have up to 210 pounds of resistance. However, the machine also lets you upgrade to 310 and 410 pounds.

  • Worry less about safety and durability. This machine features a heavy-duty steel frame, ensuring both your safety and the machine’s longevity.

  • This cable machine also has an adjustable seat with a quick-release feature. 

  • Train in comfort. Its seat also comes with a comfortable polyurethane foam cushion. 


Compared to other cable machines, this unit from Bowflex is budget-friendly, with prices starting at $799. Nevertheless, it features high-quality parts and decent functionality.

Bottom Line

Perfect for people who want a space- and money-saving machine that offers comfort, the Bowflex Xceed provides amazing power.

  1. Titan Fitness Plate Loaded LAT Tower v2


One of the best cable machines for home gyms is the compact Titan Fitness Plate Loaded LAT Tower v2. This space saver is engineered to help you build your upper body strength.

It features two 13-inch weight stack sleeves, loadable with a 400-pound maximum weight capacity. These let you build up to higher-intensity training sessions.

Apart from these, it also boasts numerous other features that make your sessions more productive. 

Top Features 

  • Do effective gym workouts even with limited floor space. While it’s compact, you hcan access many high-intensity workouts.

  • Perfect for arm and back exercises. You can load your weight stacks to gain up to 410 pounds of resistance, ideal for training your arm and back muscles. 

  • You don’t have to worry about longevity. This machine is made of high-quality material, ensuring its durability. 

  • Excellent addition to home gyms. This wall-mounted cable machine can easily be set up at home.

  • Easily adjustable. The machine has thigh pads that you can adjust in four different ways. 


The Titan Fitness Plate Loaded LAT Tower v2 comes with high-performance and durable parts while sitting at a budget-friendly price tag of $574.

Bottom Line

The Titan Fitness Plate Loaded Lat Tower v2 fits the bill if you’re looking for a compact yet powerful machine.

Offering high resistance, a compact build, and durable parts, it’s one machine many can consider for their gym setup at home. 

  1. Inspire Fitness FTX Functional Trainer


A contender for the best cable machine for home gyms is the Inspire Fitness FTX Functional Trainer. This machine is all about function with no frills added.

This machine is simple but fully functional. The simplicity it brings doesn’t compromise its versatility.

Made with heavy-duty steel, it’s both durable and sleek. Even though it’s a cable machine with one of the smallest footprints, it does cut back on performance.

Top Features

  • Enjoy versatility. This product has a dual pulley system that lets you isolate each of the two weight stacks. You can choose among 30 swivel positions for the adjustable pulleys.

  • A simple yet powerful machine. This features two 165-pound stacks of weight plates that you can use for a variety of workouts.

  • Have more choices, thanks to the accessories. This machine comes with multiple accessories, expanding the arsenal of workouts that you can do. 

  • Enjoy the ease of use. This is a no-frills machine, making it a breeze to operate and use. 

  • It lasts a long time, thanks to its heavy-duty steel construction. 


At $2,599, this no-frills home gym equipment sells for a mid-range price. Nevertheless, the Inspire Fitness FTX Functional Trainer offers high-quality parts and high performance.

Bottom Line

Perfect for home gym owners who do not want a complicated machine, this simple-yet-heavy-duty machine gets the job done.

  1. Vitruvian Form Trainer+


Having digital cable machines like the Vitruvian Form Trainer+ for home gym owners is an excellent choice. 

Taking up the smallest room, the technology behind this machine makes it just as effective as other full-size cable machines. 

Adaptive, compact, and comfortable – this machine is one to look out for if you’re only working with limited floor space. 

Top Features

  • Try out high-intensity exercises with a compact machine. This lets you exercise with up to 440 pounds of digital weight capacity.

  • Experience tailor-made workouts. This digital machine features adaptive weights, which easily adjust to make your exercise easier or more challenging where needed. 

  • Enjoy a variety of training modes. The Vitruvian Form Trainer+ lets you select among several training modes that are fit for all phases of your workout. 

  • Know your progress. The digital machine offers performance and data tracking so you see your progress.

  • Compact and Portable. Since it’s a digital machine, this product is easy to carry and store. 


The Vitruvian Form Trainer+ sells starting at $2,990, sitting at the upper-mid range price point, compared to many other cable machines available in the market.

However, given that this is a digital machine offering high-powered functionality in a portable build, along with high-tech features, every penny is well worth it.

Bottom Line

Perfect for people looking for high-tech solutions, full machine functionality, and portability, this Virtruvian Form Trainer+ is the best portable cable machine around.

  1. Rogue Monster Lite Slinger


A cost-efficient power rack choice for your home gym is the Rogue Monster Lite Slinger. While it’s rack mounted, it provides the same workout benefits as a traditional cable machine. 

This machine is also a space saver, but it allows you to do workouts with a stack of weight plates up to 300 pounds or resistance bands.

You also have the option to turn this into a plate-loaded cable machine. 

Top Features 

  • Have multiple options. Being versatile, it lets you choose one of three attachments that allows you to enjoy the consistency of a traditional cable machine.

  • Even though it’s a power rack, it’s sturdy enough to feel like a traditional machine. 

  • Make use of durable hardware. This product comes with a ¼-inch MIL spec cable along with a couple of 6-inch adjustable pulleys, ⅚-inch bolt assemblies, and 3 carabiners. 

  • Enjoy durable and strong extension straps. This makes use of adjustable nylon cable handles that are 1.5 inches wide, which connects to 108-inch racks and rigs.  

  • It lets you save space since it has a compact build. 


By itself, and depending on the attachment you choose, this machine sits at around the lower range when it comes to price. More specifically it starts at $360 and can go up to $1,125.

However, the many available accessories and add-ons that you can choose to buy with this machine can rack up the bill.

Bottom Line

For people who value customization and versatility, this home gym addition is one of the best cable machines to get. 

The Rogue Monster Lite Slinger is a cable machine to consider if you want to build and set up a machine perfectly made for your fitness needs. 

  1. MAXPRO Fitness: Cable Home Gym


Arguably the best compact cable machine around, MAXPRO Fitness’s Cable Home Gym lets you do high-intensity workouts without the bulk of large machines. 

Apart from the performance this brings, it utilizes Bluetooth connectivity and modern technology to adapt and keep track of your workouts and progress. 

Portable, easy to use, and versatile, you get almost the same function as traditional cable machines for a fraction of the space it takes up.

Top Features 

  • Stay worry-free about longevity. Made of high-quality materials, including aerospace-grade aluminum, you don’t have to worry about this machine breaking anytime soon.

  • Enjoy the brand’s own patent-pending PowerClutch tech. This technology makes the machine capable of having between 5 to 150 pounds of weight resistance per side. 

  • Take advantage of Bluetooth connectivity. The MAXPRO machine has electronics and sensors that connect to the brand’s Coaching App via Bluetooth. 

  • Try stress-free suspension training. This machine utilizes heavy-duty cable locks in suspension training.

  • Versatile and compact. This offers up to 150 cable machine exercises you can add to your workout arsenal. 


With its modern features, longevity, and high-powered capability, it may come as a surprise that this item is quite affordable at $819.

Bottom Line 

Cost-effective and space-saving, this compact cable machine offers full functionality, high-tech sensors, and Bluetooth integration. 

You don’t have to break the bank to experience modern fitness solutions with this MAXPRO machine. 

  1. XMark Home Gym Functional Trainer Cable Machine


You don’t have to look far for a fully functional, high-performance cable machine when the XMark Functional Trainer Cable Machine is an option readily available on Amazon. 

Durable and compact, this machine features a dual-weight stack system, each at 200 pounds. With them, you can perform high-intensity training safely by using this item.

Top Features 

  • Experience high-performance. This cable machine features two 200-pound weight stacks and an adjustable pulley system.

  • Enjoy a wide range of versatility. It features up to 19 adjustment levels, each being 3.5 inches apart. 

  • Take advantage of having a smooth workout. With this machine, getting a snag that disrupts your workout is rare, thanks to its smooth pulley system. 

  • Try chin-up and pull-up exercises using this machine’s built-in pull-up bar, which features a split grip. 

  • Cost- and Space-efficient. Not only is this machine budget-friendly, but it’s also compact enough to fit small floor spaces. 


Sitting with an upper mid-range price tag of $2,858, this XMark Cable Machine offers heavy-duty parts and functionality that you can add to your home gym.

Bottom Line

Readily available, convenient, and offering high performance, this home gym is perfect for those who don’t want to search too far for the best cable machines around. 

  1. GDLF Lat Pull Down Machine


Getting a cable machine for your home gym doesn’t have to break the bank with DGLF’s Lat Pull Down Machine.

This machine features a high-quality design and materials for a fraction of the cost. It’s also versatile, offering adjustable features and multiple modes. 

Top Features 

  • Efficiently perform high-intensity training. This item provides you with the functionality needed to undergo high-intensity workouts.

  • Enjoy the convenience of adjustable parts. The DGLF machine features 4-position foam rollers and seat heights that make sessions comfortable. 

  • It also features a high and low cable pulley system, tailor-fit to tackle arm workouts safely and efficiently.

  • Targets multiple body parts. Apart from performing excellent arm workouts, this machine also helps train the rest of your upper body. 

  • Cost-efficient. Even though it costs a fraction of the price of other machines, this one offers full functionality and high performance. 


You don’t have to shell out money for this DGLF cable machine. At a base price worth $189.99, it is extremely budget-friendly compared to most cable machines for home gyms.

Despite this, you still get a cable pulley machine with enough performance and functionality needed for a good workout. It’s also versatile and adjustable.

Bottom Line

A gym setup at home doesn’t have to cost a fortune, and the DGLF Lat Pull Down Machine is perfect for those who stand by this principle. It’s cost-effective, durable, and versatile. 

What Are Cable Machines for Home Gyms?

Cable machines are gym equipment used for exercises that help tone and build muscles. Usually, they are used for strength training, but not all cable machines are made the same.

Some of the moresought-afterr ones offer customizability and versatility. These features make for wonderful home gym cable machines.


Cable machines are widely available, but how do you choose? Luckily, some of the best cable machines come with many features and price tags.

Get the most out of your workout sessions by using a the best cable machine for home gym with features tailor-fit to your needs.

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