11 Best Undercounter Refrigerators For 2023

Are you fond of stocking lots of fresh ingredients at home? Investing in the best undercounter refrigerator is a wise decision.

Having this helpful appliance at home allows you to keep your food and beverages cool while giving you additional space in your kitchen for storage.

With several kinds and models to choose from, buying the ideal undercounter refrigerator can make you break a sweat.

Here are some of the notable undercounter refrigerators in the market that are worth your money.

At a Glance: 

  • Summit ADRD24 24″ 2-Drawer Indoor/Outdoor Commercial All Refrigerator – Best Environment-Friendly Refrigerator

  • Summit SP6DBS2D7ADA 24″ 2-Drawer Indoor/Outdoor Commercial All Refrigerator – Best Stainless Steel Mini Refrigerator

  • Thor Kitchen TRF2401U 24 Inch Undercounter Refrigerator Drawers with Digital Control – Best Outdoor Undercounter Refrigerators

  • Whirlpool WUW55X24H 24 Inch Built-In Dual Zone Wine Cooler – Best Undercounter Wine Refrigerator  

  • Perlick 15″ Signature Series Indoor Refrigerator with Solid Door, Glass Door, Panel-Ready Door, or Panel-Ready Glass Door – Best 15-Inch Undercounter Refrigerator 

  • Monogram ZIFS240NSS 24 Inch Freestanding/Built-In Fresh-Food Refrigerator with 5.4 Cu. Ft. Total Capacity – Best Innovative Under Counter Refrigerator 

  • Marvel MARE224IS51A 24 Inch Built-In All Refrigerator with 4.6 Cu. Ft. Capacity – Best Undercounter Refrigerator Drawers

  • Frigidaire FFPE4533UM 4.5 cu. ft. Compact Undercounter Refrigerator – Best Affordable Under Counter Refrigerator

  • U-Line UHRE524SG01A 24 Inch Undercounter Compact Refrigerator with 94-Bottle Capacity – Best Undercounter Beverage Refrigerator

  • Sub-Zero Designer Series DEU2450RR 24 Inch Built-In Smart All Refrigerator with 5.4 cu ft Capacity – Best Smart Under Counter Refrigerator

  • Thermador Freedom Collection T24UC915DS 24 Inch Counter Depth Built-In Undercounter Double Drawer Freezer Refrigerator with 4.3 Cu. Ft. Total Capacity – Best Versatile Undercounter Fridge

What Is the Best Undercounter Refrigerator?

Homes with limited floor area need more room to make movement comfortable. Investing in an under counter refrigerator can open more space in the kitchen for other functions.

A good undercounter refrigerator also gives you easy access to the contents of your mini refrigerator.

Since they come in a wide range of sizes and configurations, here is a list of the ideal under counter refrigerator that suits your needs.

  1. Summit ADRD24 24″ 2-Drawer Indoor/Outdoor Commercial All Refrigerator


The Summit ADA Compliant All Refrigerator is customized to be installed in any ADA Compliant counters inside our outside your home.

It comes with a sturdy weatherproof structure, created to withstand even the harshest weather. You may also install it as a freestanding fixture with a fully-finished cabinet.

In addition, it comes with panel-ready drawers so you can match them with your existing kitchen cupboard.

Top Features

  • Customizable Height. Adjust the height of this under counter refrigerator up to 34.25 inches, and it comes with a taller kickplate to give it a seamless look. 

  • Commercial-standard Approved. Complied with the ETL-S NSF-7 Standards so that you can use it for commercial purposes 

  • Comes with Digital Thermostat. Use electronic controls for easy temperature control.

  • Fan-forced Cooling. Made for even and efficient cooling of the fridge

  • For Indoor and Outdoor Use. The sturdy structure is designed to withstand all weather so you can use it inside or outside the house. 


The Summit ADRD24 24” 2-Drawer Indoor/Outdoor Commercial All Refrigerator is one of the market’s most reasonably priced undercounter refrigerators.

With a $2,093 price tag, you are guaranteed a high-quality under counter refrigerator that could match all your kitchen’s needs.

Bottom Line

Summit’s ADRD24 24” 2-Drawer Indoor/Outdoor Commercial All Refrigerator is ideal for use at home and in commercial settings.

The ETL-S listed refrigerator is compliant with the NSF-7 standards. It also comes with an ENERGY STAR certification that makes it environment-friendly. 

  1. Summit SP6DBS2D7ADA 24″ 2-Drawer Indoor/Outdoor Commercial All Refrigerator


Summit SP6DBS2D7ADA 24″ is a commercial-grade under counter refrigerator with a compact design that allows you to maximize your limited space. 

It comes with a fully-finished stainless steel door and cabinet that you can install anywhere you need a compact fridge. 

It also comes with a rapid-chill compartment to keep your drinks cold. 

Top Features

  • Sleek, Narrow Design. You can get more storage space in your kitchen since this mini refrigerator takes minimal undercounter space. 

  • Rapid-Chill Compartment. Using this for business? This compact refrigerator can serve as an extra beverage cooler.

  • Dual Door. This unit comes with a two-drawer design. It helps reduce your efforts of reaching supplies inside your fridge. 

  • Automatic Defrost. You can save more time cleaning the unit with its automatic defrost features. 

  • Full Stainless Steel Structure. Due to its solid stainless steel construction, you can expect this compact refrigerator to last for years. 


You can get hold of the Summit SP6DBS2D7ADA 24″ 2-Drawer Indoor/Outdoor Commercial All Refrigerator with a $3,010 investment. 

While it is more expensive than the brand’s other ADA Compliant variants, its durable stainless steel structure makes it worth every penny. 

Bottom Line

The Summit SP6DBS2D7ADA 24″ 2-Drawer Indoor/Outdoor Commercial All Refrigerator is one of the best undercounter refrigerators for commercial purposes.

It is entirely made with stainless steel for durability and long-term use. It is also ADA compliant and can even fit lower counters due to its 32” height and sleek 24” width structure. 

  1. Thor Kitchen TRF2401U 24 Inch Undercounter Refrigerator Drawers with Digital Control


Want sleek and reliable food and wine storage outdoors?

This built-in and freestanding fridge come with LED lighting to help you look for items quickly.

It also has a stainless steel door that can withstand harsh outdoor elements.

With an optimal cooling temperature ranging from 34-46° F, you don’t have to worry about food spoilage at any time.

Top Features

  • Digital Temperature Control. Manage the inside temperature of your undercounter fridge with its built-in digital controls.

  • Convection Cooling. The unit’s intelligent convection cooling system provides a consistent temperature setting that you can adjust.

  • Quiet Operation. You don’t have to worry about unwanted sounds from your fridge due to its minimal 41db noise level.

  • Ample Capacity. This sleek mini refrigerator has two drawers with a 5.3 cu ft capacity with adjustable shelves.

  • Added Features. Each unit has a silicone pad and a stainless steel basket for different purposes.


High-quality under counter refrigerators do not have to cost much.

To get hold of this outdoor food and wine fridge, you only need to spend $1,799.

A unit of Thor Kitchen TRF2401U 24 Inch Undercounter Refrigerator will keep your food and drinks chilled at a reasonable price.

Bottom Line

Your outdoor kitchen will always have fresh food if you install this double-drawer undercounter fridge. In addition, it provides a bigger storage capacity than any portable cooler.

With white LED lights highlighting the refrigerator’s contents, you will always see all your stocks, even in low-light conditions.

  1. Whirlpool WUW55X24H 24 Inch Built-In Dual Zone Wine Cooler – Best Undercounter Wine Refrigerator  

Lifestyle, WUW55X24HS 24


Enjoy your wines anytime without wasting too much space in your kitchen with this chic mini undercounter fridge.

It has a glass reversible position door and a smart temperature sensor alert always to get the right temperature.

If This could be your best wine refrigerator if you can only have one fridge for your wine collection

Top Features

  • Dual Zone. This beverage fridge features two separate zones. It makes the fridge the ideal storage space for your reds and whites.

  • Reversible Glass Doors. You can get more flexibility in installing the unit due to its user-reversible glass doors.

  • Open Door Alarm. You will get a warning if you forget to shut the fridge door for electricity cost conservation.

  • Electronic Controls. Choosing your desired temperatures through simple electronic temperature controls will be easier.

  • LED Interior Lights. Use less energy due to its LED lighting features. It also lets you find things faster because of the brighter lights.


Your wine collection may be expensive, but your 46-bottle capacity beverage cooler does not have to be costly.

For only $1484.10, you will have an ideal space to keep your wines and other beverages cold.

Its chic design also makes it look expensive despite its moderate price tag.

Bottom Line

Keep your drinks looking and tasting as delectable as the first time you purchase them by storing them in a space-saving fridge.

The dual-temperature electronic temperature controls also let you adjust the refrigerator’s coldness level to keep your red and white wines in their prime condition.

  1. Perlick 15″ Signature Series Indoor Refrigerator with Solid Door, Glass Door, Panel-Ready Door, or Panel-Ready Glass Door


Design your dream kitchen with Perlick’s stylish yet space-saving 15” built-in fridge.

It has a fully customizable look where you can choose between full stainless steel or stainless steel with a tempered glass window.

This way, you can achieve the style you want for your kitchen with added storage space.

It also provides you with 2.8 cu ft of space for your food and beverage supplies. For its looks and functions, it is the best undercounter refrigerator for your needs.

Top Features

  • Impressive Cooling Performance. Perlick’s signature RAPIDcool forced-air refrigeration system gives unprecedented cooling performance.

  • Customizable Panel-Ready Drawers. Get your desired look with the fully customizable 15” fridge. You may also adjust each panel, too.

  • Adjustable Temperature. Adjust the temperature as needed with this fridge’s 33° to 42°F temperature range.

  • Large Capacity. Store up to 66 cans of your favorite beverages inside this mini refrigerator.

  • Customizable LED Light Colors. Choose between Cool Blue and Crisp White LED lights to illuminate the interiors of the fridge.


Expect to pay a premium for one of the best undercounter refrigerator units in the market.

This stylish and functional refrigerator may cost as much as $4,115. But every cent you spend will give you more space without compromising its cooling quality.

Bottom Line

This compact fridge may look tiny, but it comes with extensive functions.

The customizable refrigerator will keep your kitchen stylish and fresh food without consuming too much space.

  1. Monogram ZIFS240NSS 24 Inch Freestanding/Built-In Fresh-Food Refrigerator with 5.4 Cu. Ft. Total Capacity


Reduce food waste with this smart Fresh-Food refrigerator.

It has a digital touch control that you can adjust to reach colder temperatures.

It also has adjustable spill-proof glass shelves for easier cleaning and a large 5.4 cu ft capacity for storing bigger food and beverage items.

Top Features

  • Convenient Configuration. Each unit comes fully finished on each side. It makes installation easier anywhere in your kitchen.

  • Soft Interior LED Lights. Your fridge automatically lights up when the fridge door is open, and LED lights can also be activated when the door is locked.

  • Sabbath Mode. All the fridge functions will deactivate if you choose the door-locking feature.

  • Lockable Door Features. Have more peace of mind with the Child Control Lockout and Key Ejecting Lock feature to keep young kids from changing the temperature settings.

  • Compatible With Flush Inset Installation. This is the best under counter refrigerator if you aim for a near-seamless design integration when you install it in your existing cabinetry.


For only $2,100, you will enjoy all the conveniences of this innovative mini refrigerator from Monogram.

Its features and stylish design make it a wise investment with a very reasonable price.

Bottom Line

Get the most out of your money’s worth with this groundbreaking undercounter fridge. It comes with numerous features that can make your life more convenient.

Enjoy fresh and chilled foods and drinks all the time by customizing the settings of this space-saving fridge.

  1. Marvel MARE224IS51A 24 Inch Built-In All Refrigerator with 4.6 Cu. Ft. Capacity 


Want versatile fridge storage with universal installation? This ADA Compliant built-in unit is your best choice.

It features Dynamic Cooling Technology, Door Lock, Frost Free Operation, and Door and Temperature Alarm, among others.

It also has a fully modifiable cantilevered shelving solution that can handle taller items. It can also accommodate loose items with its MaxStore bin.

Top Features

  • Signature Dynamic Cooling Technology. Marvel’s patented Dynamic Cooling Technology provides swift cool down. It also has a reputation for having the best temperature stability in the refrigeration industry.

  • Ease of Closing Door. Every unit can automatically close its door gently.

  • Lock The Door Efficiently. Prevent unwanted access to your fridge using its door-locking feature. It is perfect for those living with young children.

  • Revolutionary Marvel Intuit Integrated Control Panel. This brand’s signature integrated controls offer different settings for overall adaptability, feature adjustments, and custom control.

  • Field Reversible Door. Enjoy the convenience of utilizing your space with the brand’s groundbreaking field reversible door feature.


Spend $2,439 for a fully adjustable shelving system in your mini fridge.

The amount you will pay will compensate for all the conveniences you will enjoy, especially giving you additional space in a tiny refrigerator.

Bottom Line

Fit in as many food and beverage items as possible with Marvel’s excellent undercounter fridge.

It has adjustable shelves that you can adjust anytime, depending on your current needs.

  1. Frigidaire FFPE4533UM 4.5 cu. ft. Compact Undercounter Refrigerator


Get unique undercounter fridge features at a fraction of the cost by purchasing Frigidaire’s 4.5 cu. ft. Compact Under Counter Refrigerator.

This affordable but feature-packed fridge is perfect for dorm rooms, backyards, or any other place where you can easily access chilled food and drinks.

It also comes with a wide freezer, making it the best undercounter refrigerator for storing frozen treats.

Top Features

  • Space Saving Glass Shelf. Frigedaire’s signature SpaceWise solution offers adjustable glass shelves to accommodate taller items.

  • Position Shifting Door Options. It has a reversible interior freezer and refrigerator door that you can adjust depending on the room’s layout for easy installation.

  • Full-Width Freezer. Each unit has an easy-to-access freezer designed with a latching door to keep food chilled and frozen longer.

  • Mechanical Controls. Adjust the cooling options based on the fridge’s wide temperature range.

  • Freestanding Option. Enjoy flexible installation anywhere at home with its freestanding feature.


With a $362.10 price tag, this fridge is the most affordable.

But do not be fooled by the low price. Each unit comes with all the premium functions you can expect from high-end kitchen appliances.

Bottom Line

People on a budget can still get their hands on a functional but space-saving compact fridge.

Fridgidaire’s 22-inch model can give you all the practical functions without putting a dent in your pocket.

  1. U-Line UHRE524SG01A 24-Inch Undercounter Compact Refrigerator with 94-Bottle Capacity


Always have cold drinks with this 94-bottle capacity beverage cooler from U-Line. It can also accommodate up to 148 12 oz. cans.

Chilling these beverages will never be challenging due to the brand’s signature convection cooling system.

Its stainless steel structure makes this beverage cooler suitable for all homes with stylish interiors.

Top Features

  • Convection Cooling Technology. This compact fridge’s convection cooling technology will instantly achieve the perfect temperature range for your beverages and rapidly cools down the fridge’s interior at an even temperature.

  • Stylish Stainless Steel Appeal. This beverage cooler’s polished stainless steel interior makes any room more elegant.

  • Wide Temperature Range. Get your drinks cold by adjusting the fridge’s temperature. You can choose from 33°F to 70°F.

  • LED Lights. The upscale black stainless steel interior stands out from the LED light that turns off automatically when you close the door.

  • Unique U-Adjust Feature. Each unit has 19 adjustable positions that you can maximize to fit all your items.


With its full stainless steel structure, you can expect to pay a premium for this sleek beverage cooler.

But for $4,369, you can get more than a storage area for your cold drinks. It has a digital touchpad that lets you control the temperature based on your needs.

Bottom Line

Having a steady supply of cold beverages can be a dream. So make this dream a reality with U-Line’s beautiful stainless steel mini fridge.

This beverage cooler can keep everything cold faster due to its wide range of temperatures.

  1. Sub-Zero Designer Series DEU2450RR 24 Inch Built-In Smart All Refrigerator with 5.4 cu ft Capacity

Sub-Zero Designer Series DEU2450RR - 24 Inch Built-In Smart All Refrigerator with 5.4 cu ft Capacity


Your mini refrigerator will look like a functional decoration due to its fully customizable design.

It has numerous configurations and functions that provide everything you need in a compact cooler.

Each unit is Wi-Fi enabled, allowing you to control your desired temperature and adjust other functions even if you are not at home.

Top Features

  • Clear Storage Drawer. Checking your supply inventory becomes more accessible with the clear storage drawer featured in Sub-Zero’s stylish compact fridge.

  • Nano-Coated Clear Glass Shelves. Make cleaning more convenient with each unit’s spill-proof glass shelves with nano-coating.

  • Touch Controls. Sub-Zero’s Designer Series has become more polished than ever due to the revolutionary touch-controlled panel with a stylish temperature display.

  • Alarm System. Your beverage cooler will create a sound to signify that the door is accidentally left open.

  • Spacious Capacity. Despite its minimal space, the 5.4 cu. ft. interior gives ample areas to make the room more conducive for movement.


Prices for Sub-Zero products are available upon request. But you will enjoy their premium products like this mini fridge once you decide to make it your investment.

Bottom Line

Combining style and function does not need much space, especially if you want a premium undercounter fridge for a limited area.

The smart fridge from Sub-Zero will let you enjoy all the benefits of a Wi-Fi-enabled refrigerator without eating a lot of space in any room.

  1. Thermador Freedom Collection T24UC915DS 24 Inch Counter Depth Built-In Undercounter Double Drawer Freezer Refrigerator with 4.3 Cu. Ft. Total Capacity

Thermador Freedom Collection T24UC915DS - 4.3 Cu. Ft. Built-In Double Drawer Under-Counter Refrigerator With Freezer


Take advantage of Thermador’s compact fridge that serves as a refrigerator, freezer, and wine chiller in one.

Created to suit your hectic lifestyle, this space-saving fixture can fit anywhere in your home.

You can have it custom-built in your kitchen or install it in any room where chilled delights are a must.

Top Features

  • Adjustable Cooling Modes. This fridge comes with three fully adjustable cooling modes: for regular refrigerator items, a colder bar mode for chilling beverages, and a cellar mode for warmer items.

  • Signature SoftClose Door Hinge. Each unit automatically closes gently with the help of the brand’s groundbreaking door hinges.

  • Electronic Touch Controls. Adjust the temperature seamlessly with smart touch control technology.

  • Quick Chill Function. This mini refrigerator understands food science well, which is why it incorporated the quick-chill capability to avoid foodborne illness by lessening the time for bacterial growth.

  • Additional Features. Each unit comes with drawer mats to prevent items from sliding. It also allows easy clean-ups.

  • Pricing

For $4,199, you will enjoy the functions of three products at one price.

The innovative features and versatile functions make the price tag very reasonable.

Bottom Line

You do not have to purchase a refrigerator, a wine cellar, or a freezer for different functions. With Thermador’s compact fridge, you can have all three products in a small appliance.

What Are Undercounter Refrigerators?

The under counter refrigerator is a compact appliance created to fit in a small space under the counter. It is used to refrigerate food and beverage items without consuming a lot of floor area.

You will find plenty of under counter fridges with a stainless steel doors. But you can also customize your unit’s exteriors according to your style.


Undercounter fridges are an excellent solution for refrigeration in a limited space. But picking one can be a daunting task.

Fortunately, you can find the best undercounter refrigerator based on your needs and budget. So you can pick one that can provide all the benefits of a regular cooler without the bulk.

Never have to worry about having a cold beer and enough space for wine bottles!