How To Build An Outdoor Kitchen On A Budget (Simple Guide)

Adding an outdoor kitchen can do a lot of wonders for every household. It can spruce up the vacant space in your yard and give you an additional entertainment area. 

However, building a cooking space outside your home can be intimidating, especially if you have a limited source of funds.

But do you know that creating an outdoor kitchen on a budget can be possible? 

Find out how to have your ideal outdoor kitchen without using a big chunk of your savings by reading the rest of the article for the best outdoor kitchen ideas on a budget. 

How to Plan for Your Outdoor Kitchen? 

Home improvement planning could require you to spend a lot of money. But you do not have to panic if you have a limited budget for your outdoor kitchen. 

Here are several ways to help you build your dream outdoor kitchen without putting a dent in your pocket. 

Build Your Outdoor Kitchen as Close to Your Home as Possible  

When planning for your outdoor cooking space, some of the common terms you will hear include “satellite” and “perimeter.” It talks about the positioning of your grill island in connection to your home. 

The outdoor perimeter kitchen should be located near your house. You may have it installed directly attached to your back wall or nearby. 

On the other hand, the outdoor satellite kitchen is directly opposite the outdoor perimeter cooking space and must be somewhere far from your main house. 

The location of the grill island in your outdoor kitchen will have a significant effect on your budget. 

If you must work within a specific amount, you may want to have a perimeter outdoor kitchen installed. But if you have a bigger budget, you can opt for a satellite outdoor kitchen.

Calculate Your Utilities 

Please remember that utility lines are crucial elements for any outdoor kitchen project. But it can add a significant amount to your budget. 

To ensure that you will not max out your budget while you build an outdoor kitchen, you must be creative in strategizing your options. 

For example, consider using a propane tank to run your gas grill. It could be more daunting, but you do not have to pay a technician to create gas lines. 

A charcoal grill can also be another excellent option for an inexpensive outdoor cooking station. 

You must also consider the electric lines running your kitchen appliances, like your refrigerator and oven. If you want to save money, you may opt to build an outdoor perimeter kitchen, so you don’t have to bring many appliances into your backyard cooking area. 

Prioritize Versatility for Your Outdoor Space 

You may get too excited when working on your outdoor kitchen plan, especially when shopping for new kitchen appliances. 

But while you may get tempted to invest in top-notch kitchen fixtures for your DIY outdoor kitchen, it may cause you to go over budget. 

To avoid this situation, you must consider the items you will always use for different purposes instead of buying appliances that you will only use several times. 

For example, you may install a mini fridge under your countertops. Not only will it lets you have more space, but you can also use it as your beverage cooler or wine storage space. 

You may also invest in a power burner to cook your main and side dishes at once. 

Prepare an Alternative Outdoor Kitchen Project Solution

The layout of outdoor spaces varies. So if you have a particular outdoor kitchen design in mind, you must be open to alternatives in case your kitchen idea fails to work well on your property. 

You may apply this tip if you have a specific location in mind to install your sink, countertops, or cabinets. But the direct sunlight above it will make cooking and preparing meals uncomfortable. 

It would be best if you also found a good position for your outdoor grill in your backyard for your ultimate kitchen convenience. 

Before building an outdoor kitchen that requires a permanent structure, you should consult a professional contractor to check if your ideal layout will work well in your backyard. 

By doing this tip, you will avoid incurring a hefty repair cost if you are unhappy with how your DIY outdoor kitchen turns out. 

Do Your Research About Outdoor Kitchen Ideas

If you have no idea how to turn your empty backyard into your dream outdoor kitchen, you may find inspiration and design ideas online to make it look like a luxury outdoor kitchen without breaking the bank.

Doing your research will help you find the best sources of high-quality materials for your kitchen. 

It will also allow you to check the best spots to place your counter space, grills, kitchen cart, cabinets, or outdoor kitchen bar. 

You can get more outdoor kitchen ideas by visiting various architectural design websites, Pinterest, or other social media sites. These ideas will help you build your own outdoor kitchen.  

How Can You Build an Outdoor Kitchen with a Limited Budget?

One of the most innovative ways to create an outdoor kitchen outside your house is using recycled materials like salvaged stone, reclaimed wood, or brick.  

Recycled materials are not only cheaper than brand-new ones, but they also help the environment. They can also add more character to outdoor kitchens. 

You may also look for reasonably-priced furniture for your outdoor kitchen. It will help you shave a huge chunk of your budget if you look for functional yet inexpensive items. 

Some of the best places to find inexpensive furniture, kitchen tables, power burner, small fridge, and undercounter ice makers include flea markets and other second-hand shops. You may find the perfect items to furnish your kitchen on a budget.

You may also check online reviews to find shops featuring reasonably priced appliances for outdoor kitchens. 

What Are the Basic Accessories in an Outdoor Kitchen? 

Your outdoor kitchen can be one of the best places to host fun summer parties or intimate dinners. You and your loved ones can bone while preparing your meal in front of the grills.

So if you want all your guests to enjoy your exciting parties outdoors, you must invest in these appliances without going beyond your budget. 

Basic Accessories 

Grills are crucial in every outdoor kitchen. It can help you whip up a wide range of sumptuous food and serve it on your deck or patio without using the indoor kitchen. 

  • Outdoor Grill – You will need a grill to cook in your outdoor kitchen. It would be best to find the right charcoal or gas grill size and model that will suit all your needs. 

  • Vent Hoods – Adding a vent hood or vent panel is a must if you install your grills beneath a covered patio or in an enclosed outdoor space. It will keep the smoke from your grills away from other parts of the house.

  • Mini Refrigerator – Undercounter fridge is essential in outdoor kitchens because it keeps your food fresh and refreshments cold all the time. This mini fridge lets you keep your marinated meat in its prime form.

Outdoor Bar Essentials and Appliances 

Keep your guests entertained while hanging out on your deck outdoors by investing in these essential appliances for bar entertainment. 

  • Ice makers – Running to the indoor kitchen is no longer necessary if you have this convenient accessory under your countertops. 

  • Wine coolers – Make your intimate dinners extra special by keeping your reds and whites chilled even while you are outdoors. 

Outdoor Kitchen Accessories 

If you plan to serve your guests other food options than the usual grill, these items must be included in your budget. 

  • Power Burner – Simmering soups and sauces do not have to happen indoors if you use this fantastic kitchen tool. 

  • Flat Top Griddle – Enjoy your breakfast outdoors by whipping up pancakes and eggs using this kitchen staple. You may also use it to create side dishes for your grill specialties.  

  • Pizza Oven – Make fresh pizzas all the time using your pizza oven. You may use chopped wood to run the oven and give the crust a delightful smoked taste. 

Dining and Seating Areas

Make comfort your utmost priority when making a budget-friendly outdoor kitchen. It will help you enjoy hours of conversation without any discomfort. 

  • Patio Dining Area – Serve a sumptuous feast for your family and friends while they sit comfortably at your dining table. You only need to ensure that your tables fit the small patio section so your backyard kitchen will become more spacious. 

  • Bar Stools – If you have a built-in outdoor bar, these stools will make conversations over drinks and cocktails more enjoyable. 

  • Fire Pit – Never worry about sudden temperature drops by having a fire pit in your deck and outdoor kitchen area, and it will keep you warm and comfy any time of the day. 

  • Mood Lights – Investing in mood lights to illuminate the place and give you and your family a cozy ambiance while hanging out outdoors during calm summer evenings.

How Much Should You Spend on Your Outdoor Kitchen? 

An estimate from Angi claimed that building outdoor kitchens may cost around $6,258 to $25,521.

But you can reduce the expenses, especially if you focus on the materials you need rather than what you want in your kitchen. 

There are several factors tconsiderut when planning your outdoor kitchen budget, including the size of your counter space, the type of stone and best materials you will use, and the kind of grill you plan to build in your outdoor kitchen. 

You must also consider the flooring and framework of the outdoor kitchen. It must include the wood or stone used in the overhead enclosure or surrounding walls. The type of sink you will choose will also affect your budget.

Most importantly, you must keep in mind that you will save a lot if you work on a DIY outdoor kitchen to maximize your space and add the type of grill or sink you want without the added cost.  

When Is the Best Time to Build a Budget-Friendly Outdoor Kitchen? 

If you want to keep the cost of your outdoor kitchen to a minimum, you should know the right time to do all the work. 

Winter could be an ideal time to work on your outdoor kitchen construction project. It will let you enjoy the grills when summer comes. 

Also, winter is the least busy time for contractors. So if their expertise suits your budget, you may ask them to help you build your dream outdoor kitchen this season if you need an expert’s opinion for your DIY outdoor kitchen. 

The Takeaway

Grilling in a portable kitchen can be fun, but nothing beats having a permanent place to use the grill each time you crave laughter-filled and hearty meals with the people you love.

Investing in an outdoor kitchen does not have to cost an arm and foot. You may enjoy cooking your favorite barbecues in front of your outdoor grill in any vacant space on your property.

So what are you waiting for? Choose your preferred grill as soon as possible to start building the outdoor kitchen of your dreams with the smallest cost possible.